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Global teamwork and long-term business cooperation is they key to today’s business.. Arrow-link Metal Products strengthens partnerships with suppliers and customers to provide a continuous cost effective supply chain solution, which is achieved via confidence and mutual trust.

The exchange of knowledge, the harnessing of expertise and community involvement and the strengthening of strategic alliances is paramount to the development of companies and regions. Advance Metal Products continues to work with the Beijing University of Technology , Wuhan University of Technology ,Tsinghua University, Harbin University of Science and ,Hong Kong Polytechnic University etc top –class universities to understand and explore the possibilities for industry to be involved in the foundation of programmes and the means for tertiary institutions to contribute to the growth and development of the manufacturing industry and the region.

International Partners & Alliances

The global footprint created through these important business affiliations is designed to broaden and strengthen technology and manufacturing capabilities while allowing for a more cost-effective and expeditious method of providing world class service.

We are pleased to join with the following international Partners & Alliances:

Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Johnson Electric

Spectrum Brands HHI