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Quality Policy

Arrow-link Metal Products Co., Ltd. is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our products and services. This will be accomplished by establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO9001 along with meeting or exceeding our own Quality Objectives, as well as those of our Customers.

Our quality policy demonstrates our company's commitment to process excellence. Our systems and procedures are continuously evaluated and reviewed to ensure we are meeting our objectives and elevating our goals.

  • APQP Advanced Product Quality Control and Procedure
  • PPAP Productions Parts Acceptance Program
  • FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • SPC Statistical Process Control
  • MSA Measurement System Analysis
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Six Sigma Capabilities

  • Arrow-link's Laser Q.C. is changing the way parts are inspected in the flat, before value is added to the part. There are numerous variables that can contribute to a failed flat part - the wrong tool, programming errors, incorrect gas mix and many more. By inspecting the first piece of a metal production run, costly rework becomes a thing of the past. Laser Q.C. is the automated, high-speed laser inspection system for first article inspection, Statistical Process Control (SPC) and engineering of 2D materials. As the laser scans the part, the outline appears in real time on the computer screen. In seconds the scanned part can be automatically compared to the corresponding CAD file with any variances outside pre-set tolerances highlighted in color. If required, Laser QC can even automatically create detailed inspection documentation for customers or our own internal quality process. Adding to the Arrow-link's value are its reverse engineering capabilities, which allow a flat part to be scanned prior to a layout's creation. Our engineers can then use the scan to quickly generate a CAD layout and laser program from your original flat part!

    Arrow-link QC

  • Pinpoints errors before production to reduce scrap and re-work and increase profitability
  • Eliminate quality control bottlenecks and reduce production machine downtime
  • Shortens delivery times to meet tight customer demands
  • Generates full inspection reports or even a reverse engineering service
  • Improve quality process with quick, random or 100% inspections and system's statistical process control (SPC) capability

  • Key features include:

  • Easy-to-use, industry-focused applications software
  • Accuracy to +/- 0.05mm (0.002")
  • Ability to scan oversize parts with fast, simple merge feature
  • Advanced inspection reports that comply with ISO and QS requirements
  • Compatibility with .dxf and .dwg CAD file formats
  • Ability to take complex measurements quickly and easily