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Does Your Metal Fabrication Partners Make You outstanding?

Imagine for a minute… you're in the last phase of a project… and ready for the components you ordered. They arrive late and then are rejected for non-compliance with specs. Suddenly the project comes to a halt. The result… lost productivity or revenue and a lot of explaining to do.

Our values are the foundation of our company. They guide us in our work and in our decisions. When it comes to the metal components needed to produce your products and profits, you have a lot of options in terms of quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. But when it comes to delivering on 'the promise' and doing it each and every time, our company is clearly your better choice.

Our Credo

We are dedicated to serving our customers. First and foremost, it is through meeting the needs of our customers that we achieve success. Our products and services must be outstanding, with the goal of giving complete satisfaction. Our practices must be efficient, and our dealings must be fair. Most of all, our customer service must be heartfelt and enthusiastic, from each and every one of us

We conduct ourselves with integrity. We must at all times be true to our word. We must be ethical, we must be honest, and we must be reliable. We must also be true to ourselves, and resolve to live up to our ideals in everything we do. If at times we falter, we must accept responsibility, make amends as best we can, and look to our principles to guide us forward once more.

We take pride in everything we do. We must strive for excellence in all things, knowing we are accountable above all to ourselves. We must each take responsibility for the quality of our work and our level of effort, and seek on a daily basis the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. We must aim to be exceptional. At the same time, we must remember to be humble, to be receptive, for humility is the soil from which pride cultivates success.

We are respectful of others. We must treat our customers and our vendors with respect, with courtesy and professionalism, and with a genuine desire for their success as well as our own. Likewise, we must treat our employees with respect and with concern for their welfare. We must be respectful of our company, since one day it will be others who carry on our work. Finally, we must respect the environment, and take care of it for ourselves and for future generations.

We believe in working together. Tremendous power is created by a team of people working in harmony, working in unison toward a common goal. We must generate this power throughout the organization, for through it we achieve superior results, and also fulfill the need in each of us to be part of something larger than ourselves. At the same time we must foster effective leadership, at every level, because leadership makes all things possible including teamwork.

We believe in a positive mindset. We understand that both positive and negative expectations are to a large extent self-fulfilling prophecies. Being positive is a choice, a habit of mind & a discipline. To be positive is to master negative emotions, and to visualize a positive outcome in all situations. The more we embody this positive attitude, the more successful we will be.

We believe in the power of relationships. Strong, long-lasting relationships enrich our lives and enhance our success. For this reason we must seek to build bonds with our customers, our vendors, and our fellow employees based on sincerity and trust, with the future always in mind.

Arrow-link knows our success is based on your satisfaction. So, when you need a supplier that is truly committed to your growth and profitability, call us and put us to the test!